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Latest Blog Posts.

DC Furniture and Reminiscence Ireland Go Live!!

We had the pleasure to work on two great websites for two great Companys in the last few weeks. Both DC Furniture from Wicklow and Reminiscence Ireland from Mullingar are very happy with the way their Websites turned out.
Working with DC Furniture we really were impressed with the amount of detail that these Kitchen Designers design [...]

Wordpress…more than just a Blogging tool!

I have being using Wordpress for couple of years now as mainly a Blogging tool. A very useful, simple and functioning tool. But in recent times, and with the newer releases of Wordpress it has become far more than merely just Blogging software.
Wordpress is now a fully powered and customizeable Content Management System (CMS). A [...]

Facebook changes! Getting rid of rounded corners!?

Facebook has made a few subtle changes to its design, which a lot of users have been noticing for the past couple of hours (thanks for telling us, y’all) and tweeting about. The two most apparent tweaks: the blue header bar now covers the entire width of the screen and rounded corners have been dropped from [...]

Deep Water Running!

Since the operation Ive being doing an excercise called ‘deep water running’. This is basically what it says. Its running in deep water. The idea behind this is that you work your muscles as you would running normaly only in deep water there is no impact on your joints, so this is perfect for me [...]

Fund Raising for the Irish Red Cross picking up momentum!

Right well we are really beginning to get the ball rolling for the Red Cross. We are currently selling tickets for a Raffle taht we are holding on the 11th July in Tormeys Bunbrosna! Its tough times for everybody so its not the easiest task to sell tickets, but generally people realise that its for [...]

Sunny Day in Mullingar!

Its a gorgeous Sunny Day in Mullingar today! Its the end of May and this is the first bit of proper sunshine we’ve had yet! good news is its meant to last the full weekend.
So once five o’clock comes its out with the shorts!

The Irish Red Cross

The Irish Red Cross is dedicated to the provision of Emergency and Humanitarian Relief both at home and abroad through its network of volunteers both nationally and internationally.

In Ireland, the Red Cross provides both emergency services through its Mountain Rescue Team as well as a variety of broadly-based community services including youthwork and care for [...]