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Wordpress…more than just a Blogging tool!

I have being using Wordpress for couple of years now as mainly a Blogging tool. A very useful, simple and functioning tool. But in recent times, and with the newer releases of Wordpress it has become far more than merely just Blogging software.

Wordpress is now a fully powered and customizeable Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a system built into the back of a Website, where the user can update and make changes to the website content themselves, without any further help from a professional. Wordpress ticks all the right boxes when looking for a CMS.

Advantages of using Wordpress as a CMS is that the Backend is very user frtiendly. Having used many differant CMS’s throughout the years, I can safely say that Wordpress is the most friendly. Also because it is Open Source ( comes from a large community of developers for free ) Software, it means that ther is almost an infinite amount of Support and help readily available throughout the web.

Another key advantage of getting your Web Design Company to develop using Wordpress, is that if you ever part ways with that company, your next Web Design company will already be familiar with the System that is there and will not have to implement there own system which costs time and money.